The geography of Thailand features many natural borders with neighboring countries: a mountainous border with Myanmar (Burma) to the north and west; a long stretch of the Mekong River separating Thailand from Laos to the north and east; and the Mekong River and the Dongrak Mountains delineating the border of Cambodia to the east.

There are many Thailand recreation opportunities and almost endless entertainment possibilities for visitors to Thailand. If you enjoy sporting events, animals, amusement rides, theatrical performances, or simply taking a bike ride through the park, there is a wide selection of recreation opportunities and entertainment venues ideal for families, lovers, or sports enthusiasts.

Shopping in Thailand is one of visitors’ favorite activities.  Consequently, these Thailand shopping tips are intended to help visitors make the most of their Thailand shopping experience.  Knowing when and where to shop, how to haggle, what forms of payment are accepted, how VAT refunds can be processed, and what are typical return policies should help visitors on a Bangkok shopping spree or simply picking up a few souvenirs enjoy their time shopping in Thailand.

Nightlife  and Entertainment, Shows, Live Music Pattaya has the most versatile nightlife entertainment establishments worldwide. It is not only famous for all kind of shows including the very famous transvestite shows and the incredible  A Go Go presentation for men and women alike. But it also offers plenty of “ordinary nightclubs and discos for Young and Old. Age in fact is an unknown word in most parts of Asia but especially in Thailand. Live Music is these days hard to find but not so in Pattaya City. The bands from Thailand or the Philippines are great to watch and listen……….

About Phuket Island,made up of 33 islands, Phuket covers an area of 570 square kilometers (354 square miles) and has a population of about 322,000 residents. Phuket Island, the largest, is linked to the mainland by a bridge. The country’s main source of income is tourism, though agriculture also plays a key role. The island is divided into three districts: Talang in the north, Kathu in the west, and Muang in the south

Phuket’s tranquil beaches, islands and abundant natural wonders bring a serene and magical air to Phuket Island that is evident in both the achievements of the environment and the personalities of the people. The spirit of Phuket Island, Phangnga and Krabi lives in the friendly smiles and gentle nature of its people, and the magnificence of their surroundings. These elements – combined with the modern convenience of Phuket hotels and Phuket resorts – have come together to make Phuket Thailand’s premier tourist destination. If you chose to visit Thailand you came to right place select your packages and contact us